About Us

Nugget’s Choice was born out of the frustration of the endless offering of bad quality and unnatural dog treats available in shops. When we care so much about what we eat, where it’s grown and how it’s produced, we should put the same care and attention into what our loving pooches eat.  
All our treats are homemade with a lot of love in De Beauvoir Town, London. We only source our products from independent suppliers and producers in Smithfield Market.

Jet & Oli (The Humans)

Jet being Dutch and Oli French they met in London 7 years ago and have lived here ever since. The treats are handmade in their kitchen in Islington.

Nugget (The pooch)

Born in West Sussex, grown up in Hackney, London, Nugget is a real city whippet. His hunt for foxes and chicken bones around the area is endless (to the despair of Oli and Jet). His favourite pastime activities include napping and some more napping. However, when the kitchen is turned into a small factory and delicious dog treats are being produced, Nugget will show his hoomans his cutest look and hope they'll share some of them with him. 
Nugget looks after the Quality testing of every single batch produced at Nugget's Choice
If you'd like to share any feedback with us, recommend new recipes or just say hello feel free to give us a shout!